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Cable & Wire

Merino Cable & Wire for LN is specially designed for industries that deal with products that have length differences and specifications. The solution contains many additional functionalities to facilitate the management and tracing of products with dimensions and specifications like length, width, thickness, quality, color and so on.


Dimension based industries typically deal with the products which are same but are present in multiple dimensions, shapes and sizes. The end product, raw material and the intermediate product can be present in multiple shapes and sizes, however the basic specifications of the product might be same. Business practices dealing with Metal, Paper, Rubber, Plastics, and Glass etc. are some of the areas which can be rightly categorized as dimension based.

Traditional ERP systems have difficulties in handling these specific industry requirements, Merino Dimensions for LN offers the solutions in relation with Infor ERP LN.

CDM Tecnoconsulting S.p.A.

CDM Tecnoconsulting was founded in 1986, and with more than 250 employees, it is one of the leading information technology companies in the Italian market, providing integrated solutions in consultancy, implementation, and support services in information technology. read more

Merino Consulting Services

Merino Services, part of the $200 M Merino Group, is one of Infor’s largest and credible global partners with offices in the Netherlands, USA, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore & India. As a recognized Business Consulting and IT services organization we specialize in designing and implementing “high impact” solutions, which help companies to improve their processes and derive a long-lasting business advantage. read more

Infor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the enterprise, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed, and with an innovative user experience design that is simple, transparent, and elegant. Infor provides flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on-premises, or both

Infor ION Technologie

With the innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION) from Infor, you can now easily integrate software applications from Infor and other providers. This specially designed middleware solution provides a simple, yet powerful and scalable framework allowing you to eliminate data silos, drastically improve exception management and benefit from an unprecedented end-to-end efficiency. Infor ION enables intelligent business operations by simplifying the connection of different systems and the merger of context-aware BI, common reporting and analysis, optimized business processes and monitoring of business processes in a single, unified architecture. Mehr Informationen

Infor ION BI (Business Intelligence)

Companies collect more data than ever before – on customers and suppliers, but also on internal processes and resources. The targeted procurement, evaluation and communication of this information is becoming an increasingly critical competitive factor. Through increasing market pressure due to competition or changes in supply and demand, the complexity of impending decisions increases. This requires integrating, formatting and making available the collected data. Mehr Informationen


If a company decides to open a Chinese branch office, the information system is one of the most important aspects. The implementation of an ERP solution that is multilingual (English, Chinese, German or Italian, and others), that can actively support the development of the branch office, that meets Chinese legal requirements, and that works according to the local tax authority, is absolutely necessary.

ChinaERP is a solution based on INFOR ERP LN, supporting all processes of planning, production, logistic, warehouse, management control and administration.

ChinaERP is a complete solution to manage all kind of productive model, from the engineer-to-order up to the serial production or to the massive personalization, including the mixed models employed by a lot of companies today

The solution ChinaERP find its strength in a pre-configured model including graphic descriptions of implemented single flows, which allows companies to remain focused on the flows reporting the “best practice” of the sector avoiding in this way long and expensive activities for the company’s processes definition .
Each company can choose to implement the complete model or only some parts of it following its specific needs.

Thanks to ChinaERP time and project costs are drastically reduced allowing also Companies undertaking new activities in China to own quickly an advanced, localized ERP system with all necessary functionalities for its Chinese business.
The product is multilanguage: each user can work selecting his own language.

CDM Tecnoconsulting and Atzteka support with success the companies which opened a branch in China, thanks to their experience, territorial presence and enterprise solution properly developed for the companies establishing productive/logistic sites in China

Pool of Competence

I4Netork is the largest and best skilled Infor LN/Baan competence partner group World Wide. We have local presence in several European countries, America, India and the East.

I4Network has customers in most WW Industrial countries and is therefore very well suited to take on any customer implementations and/or Rollout anywhere.

I4Network professionals are all  experienced in modern industrial processes and are all certified,  with many year experience from Infor LN/Baan and other Infor solutions which makes us the  best national and  International choice.

Within the I4N Network the partners provide you vast pool of more than 300 professionals with high level knowledge and experience in the following domains:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Business Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Applications Consultancy
  • System Integration & Development

With a focus on the Infor Product portfolio

  • Infor ERP LN (Logistics, Manufacturing, Finance, Service, Project,..)
  • Infor CRM
  • Infor CPQ
  • Infor Automotive
  • Infor ION
  • Infor ION BI
  • Infor XM
  • Infor eDPM
  • Infor EAM