New markets – New regulations

New markets – New regulations Mastering international IT projects together

The team from I4Network (I4N – Infor International Implementation Initiative) provides companies with an international structure both global and local support for their ERP system.

International IT companies firmly established in each country have joined together to pool their experience to provide cross-national implementations with proven expertise. Through each partner’s experience, you can utilize efficient structures in each country.

Our customers benefit from the expertise of I4Network teams, because we know the risks of each location and have solutions ready. The international effort provides our customers with clear structures and valuable communication and cost advantages. But above all, trust in a known partner.

Particularly for small and medium-sized companies, globalization presents the opportunity to enter new markets and increase their growth. Since establishing new offices in “foreign” countries and adjusting to new mentalities is already exciting enough, it is an advantage to have a known and trusted partner by your side.