Market globalization has led companies once focused on local markets to expand global operations by opening new sales offices and production units on all continents.

This new business model has evolved quickly in recent years, and represents a complete revision of business organization and information systems.

The key aspect for these global companies is the ability to monitor all subsidiaries with an eye toward consolidating data and achieving a global view of the company’s performance. This new organizational model presents several economic and IT challenges, including the language, tax laws or accounting principles in each country. Another important factor is local support, which involves time zones, working hours and country-specific holidays.

I4N, a network of the Infor world’s most important partners specializing in Infor LN, has evolved to meet these requirements. The mission is to manage companies in their internationalization process using a team of expert consultants able to support worldwide project implementation.

I4N Partners have collaborated for years, developing a mutual understanding of their responsibilities, a shared vision and reliability.

Each member of I4N provides its expertise and local competence, combined with methodology and common documentation. This means that the I4N network is able to successfully take charge of complex worldwide projects, as demonstrated by recent implementations.