Infor ION Technologie

With the innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION) from Infor, you can now easily integrate software applications from Infor and other providers. This specially designed middleware solution provides a simple, yet powerful and scalable framework allowing you to eliminate data silos, drastically improve exception management and benefit from an unprecedented end-to-end efficiency. Infor ION enables intelligent business operations by simplifying the connection of different systems and the merger of context-aware BI, common reporting and analysis, optimized business processes and monitoring of business processes in a single, unified architecture.

Specially Developed Middleware: Infor ION also combines reporting functions and mobile and cloud services in an elegant network with four main elements:

Infor ION Workflow: A framework for creating, standardizing and monitoring business processes, which also makes changes possible without requiring the help of IT.

Infor ION Event Management: Take a proactive approach to identifying and solving problems with role-based messages and alerts, which are automatically sent to employees.

Infor ION Pulse: This flexible and lightweight messaging system passes information in the ION network between the connected applications and components of the ION system, creating an environment for efficient collaboration between your systems.

Infor ION Technology Connector: Integrate applications from Infor and other providers with little effort, and minimize interruptions caused by complex upgrades by decoupling the integrations.

With Infor ION, you can:

  • Easily integrate applications from Infor and other providers
  • Generate workflows and warnings with which you can drastically improve exception management
  • Develop, standardize, monitor, or change each business process, without requiring help from IT
  • Connect applications with actions that take place outside of the applications
  • Easily monitor your entire business and make better decisions faster