Infor Warehouse Mobility

The additional module Infor Warehouse Mobility (formerly Infor Barcode) supports companies in their logistic processes by reducing collection effort while simultaneously increasing the quality of data through the use of barcodes.

Infor Warehouse Mobility is integrated with Infor LN. All transactions are conducted online and are always based on the current order and stock situation in the ERP system. The solution not only represents the logistic processes in Infor LN, but also offers a range of extra possibilities, which provide a further reduction of steps.

For example, it is possible to identify the existing inventory at individual storage locations during all storage operations, and to add this material to the existing stock. Thus, a time-consuming consolidation of holdings is already avoided during the goods receipt.

Most of the transactions carried out can be supplemented by the optional label printing function. This ensures that all materials are labeled for further use in the supply chain and the consistent use of bar codes.Bild_Infor_Warehousemobility

The following areas are supported by Infor Warehouse Mobility:

Basic functionality:

  • Goods receipt, goods receipt authorization and storage
  • Redistribution, unplanned withdrawals and additions
  • Inventory queries, inventory
  • Lock / unlock storage area


  • Picking


  • Production feedback for operations and production orders
  • Removal of production material without removal procedure
  • Return from production of unneeded material
  • Removal of non-precalculated material

Time and Attendance

  • Time confirmations from staff
  • Indirect time confirmations
  • Start / Stop messages from employees on operations with simultaneous recording of the quantities produced

Loading units / containers

  • Create, redistribute, combine and close


  • Kanban creation and picking
  • Print kanban label
  • Request kanban
  • Kanban goods receipt
  • Cancel or re-open kanban

Packing and Shipping

  • Packing orders
  • Create box number
  • Close box after packaging
  • Add box to pallet
  • Complete pallet after packaging process
  • Create box labels
  • Create pallet labels
  • Open box for further packaging
  • Open palette for further packaging

Serial Number

  • Pick product with serial number
  • Report production job completion report with serial number management
  • Storage of produced items with serial numbers
  • Redistributing items with serial numbers