Infor Automotive

The Infor Automotive Exchange application and the Infor Automotive Supplier Exchange application support the cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers along the entire value chain common in the automotive supplier industry.

Infor Automotive Exchange links automotive suppliers with customers. Infor Supplier Exchange provides the connection to suppliers further down the supply chain.

Both products use the latest technology platform, Infor 10x, and can be easily integrated with Infor LN. In this way, Infor provides a complete software suite for the automotive industry designed for close cooperation, industry-specific functionality and usability.

Infor Automotive Exchange:

This module can be combined with Infor LN for better information and process flow between suppliers and their customers. The latest version provides contemporary, rule-based EDI communication as an extension of the ERP functionality and helps to streamline the process from ordering to receipt of payment. The solution also ensures that the EDI and delivery requirements of the client are met on the basis of trading partners packets. Preconfigured trading partner packages provide customized business and logistics processes, as well as EDI messages as turnkey solutions: They help suppliers meet the requirements of the OEMs without additional programming.

Infor Supplier Exchange:

This is a web-based solution that updates the cooperation between manufacturers and their suppliers in both directions with respect to procurement, supplier evaluation and billing information. Integrated with the existing ERP solution, Infor Supplier Exchange can reduce supplier exchange risks: The solution helps to keep procurement and inventory lean enough that costs can be reduced, while still maintaining the ability to rapidly respond to customer needs. Suppliers required to meet automotive requirements such as AIAG, ODETTE or MMOG/LE (Global Materials Management Operations Guideline Logistics Evaluation) can immediately begin work.

Both solutions are integrated with Infor ION. Infor Automotive Exchange and Information Supplier Exchange are available to customers worldwide.