Infor ION BI (Business Intelligence)

Companies collect more data than ever before – on customers and suppliers, but also on internal processes and resources. The targeted procurement, evaluation and communication of this information is becoming an increasingly critical competitive factor. Through increasing market pressure due to competition or changes in supply and demand, the complexity of impending decisions increases. This requires integrating, formatting and making available the collected data.

Infor ION BI makes it easier for a company’s employees to prepare the required information for decision-making, and to provide a goal-oriented analysis.

Infor ION BI is a unified software platform for evaluation, planning and analysis based on a multidimensional OLAP database.

Infor ION BI is web-based, continuously scalable, and can thus be adapted to the needs of the organization or individual organizational departments. Evaluation, planning and analysis functions can be used based on this technology platform. This means:

  • Data uniformity
  • Fewer interfaces
  • Greater clarity
  • Low administration effort
  • Low costs
  • Better information quality