Merino Consulting Services

Merino Services, part of the $200 M Merino Group, is one of Infor’s largest and credible global partners with offices in the Netherlands, USA, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore & India. As a recognized Business Consulting and IT services organization we specialize in designing and implementing “high impact” solutions, which help companies to improve their processes and derive a long-lasting business advantage.

Merino Services has a strong focus on global Manufactures, Automotive suppliers & OEM’s, Project –oriented businesses and Dimensions related industries (Steel, Paper, Plastic, Cable & Wire).
As a “partner to progress” we believe in a long term relationship with our customer. “We go the extra mile”. It’s our passion which drives us to strive consistently to deliver value from the investment in technology by our clients, with their strong domain knowledge, in order to create enterprises for the future.