Infor LN

Infor LN is the further development of the Baan ERP solution, which represents the implementation of flexible planning and control concepts for various production typologies. These functions were supplemented with Infor LN in recent years by many enhancements and entirely new modules.

All Infor LN functionalities work on the basis of a highly flexible multi-site concept, which combines the physical processes in the logistics level seamlessly with the financial dimension. This enables global enterprises to create an integrated representation of centralized data, while providing the necessary transparency on global stocks. It also automates intercompany billing processes between defined clients. Legal requirements are mapped into each country version.

Infor LN furnishes the user with a front-end that is exemplary in many ways. Simple central control programs provide constant transparency for resource, product, order or customer data, and the physical and financial status of all related processes.

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