Mazeppa Norge AS

Mazeppa is a Norwegian independent consulting company founded in 1998. We are primarily focused on selling, implementing and supporting Infor LN for customers in Norway. We later added our subsidiary Mazeppa Denmark.

Mazeppa has exceptionally skilled Infor LN consultants with more than 10 years’ experience in industry and working with Infor LN/Baan. This enables us to provide expert consulting for both new and existing customers.

Mazeppa is exceptionally closely linked with Midport Scandinavia in Sweden, and together, we constitute a Nordic Consortium with more than 60 professional consultants. We are the only companies to cover all components of Infor LN in the Nordic countries.

Mazeppa has another division consisting of highly skilled Java developers that develops add-ons to Infor LN. This team has implemented several add-ons for existing customers requiring functionality that Infor LN does not currently provide. Successful examples of these include:

  • ORP – ERP LN / Baan Integration and transaction reporting (WEB/Excel)
  • Report Morph – Business document layout and electronic distribution (better than Stream Serve)
  • Campion (Rolls Royce Baan V add-on for global planning)
  • Trollius (EFD Add-on for improved Infor LN Item Handling)

Mazeppa is a GOLD Infor Partner 2013-2014.

With over 60 consultants today, Mazeppa and Midport successfully act as an extension of Infor in the Nordics, selling, implementing, supporting and managing accounts for all new and existing Nordic Infor LN and Baan customers. Mazeppa and Midport are today the only two major Infor LN-approved ERP service providers in the Nordics, with Mazeppa serving Norway, Denmark, and Midport responsible for Sweden and Finland.

Mazeppa AS is headquartered in Oslo (Sollerud), and Mazeppa Denmark ApS in Denmark. Mazeppa Denmark is 100% owned by Mazeppa AS. Mazeppa / Midport have more than 50 Nordic and international customers.

Mazeppa/Midport has managed, implemented and participated successfully in most major Infor projects in Norway and Sweden. Organizations we have helped include: Rolls Royce Marine, Kongsberg Gruppen (KDA), Cargotec, Glamox, and many other.

Two of Mazeppa’s employees were solution architects for RR Marine Baan V implementation. Mazeppa is a Norwegian AS owned by its employees, and since 2007, it has enjoyed triple and double AA credit ratings.