Project Management

An ERP implementation represents a complex cross-departmental project that must be carefully controlled. We learned how important it is to use a proper project management method that is flexible enough to adapt to different project sizes but strict enough to guide people to a successful go live. We decided to use the internationally widest spread project management method of the Project Management Institute (PMI) with its five phases:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Controlling and
  • Closing.

This is exactly what our partner Infor did with OPIM in the past and now does since 2014/15 with the “Infor Deployment Method”. We all agree that the following points reduce implementation risks and are decisive for the success of a project:

  • Clearly structured project organization
  • Predictive scheduling and control
  • Task performance tracking
  • Budget planning and control

Grace this approach we manage national and international projects with outstanding success!